Sales and distribution of: alloys with electrolytical coating, tungsten, molybdenum, teflon-coated wire,… Agents of the German company Alligator Ventilfabrik GmbH.

Sales and distribution of the following materials:


Special Alloys collaborates with Otto Brenscheidt GmbH., specialised in surface finish, since 1919. More than a 90-years experience is at your disposal for the electrolytical coating of wires and strips.

  • Electroplating of iron, steel, inox steel, nickel, alpaca, bronze, copper wires and straps, as well as of other different metals and alloys.

  • 1. Tin [Sn]
  • 2. Silver [Ag]
  • 3. Nickel [Ni]
  • 4. Gold [Au]
  • 5. Copper [Cu]


1. Tin [Sn]

  • • Tinned Wire

    Electrolytically tinned round, rectangular and other pre-shaped wires for all areas of electrical engineering, also for highly-automated soldering processes. As protection when processing corrosive plastics.

    Range of sizes: round and shaped from 0,130 -3,00 mm

    Available on spools or as rings

  • • Tinned strips

    Sheets (strips,ribbon) excellent soldering, electroplated tinning, with a special pre-treatment for stamping, bending and drawing of electric and electronic components, with strip thickness up to 12 _m. Also available with protective nickel-coating. Strip width: up to 300 mm Strip thickness: 0,300-3,500 mm

  • • Tinned pipe

    Size range: up to diam. 16 mm

2. Silver [Ag]

  • • Silver-plated wire

    Silver-plated copper wire for the cable industry with up to 100g/kg plating thickness connecting and switch wires for electronic components. Silverplated coaxial conductor cores for “HF”-technology (skin-effect) Silver-plated hard-drawn bronze or steel wires for electrical contact springs.

    Size range: Ø 0,130-3.000 mm

    Available on spools or as rings.

  • • Silver-plated strip

    Silver-plated non-ferrous strip to enhance electrical conductivity and improve soldering conditions for stamped components, as for example power supply components and contact springs of tinned bronze.

    Strip width: up to 75 mm

    Strip thickness: 0,150-1,500 mm

3. Nickel (Ni)

  • • Nickel-plated wire

    Pore-free nickel-plated copper wire to ASTM and MILspecifications. Nickel-plated wire to protect against thermal overloads up to about 400º C and against vapeur deposits with use of plastics in electrical and electronic engineering. Nickel-plated iron-wire with up to 4% plating. Decorative and bendable nickel-plating layers on iron and steel wire for mass production articles.

    Size range: dia. 0,130-3,500 mm

    Available on spools and as rings

    • Nickel-plated strip

    High-ductility nickel layers suitable for stamping, for hi-tech applications, suitable for manufacture of switchgear, telephone and devices. Protective nickel-plating as barrier against diffusion during soldering process.

    Strip width: up to 165 mm

    Strip thickness: 0,150-1,500 mm

4. Gold (Au)

  • • Gold-plated wire

    Contact wire, spring and connecting wires of copper and copper alloys, nickel manganese and steel with plating of fine gold thickness up to 0,5 _m. Possibility to obtain a barrier by means of an intermediate nickel-plating, or copper-/silverplating to enhance electrical conductivity.

    Size range: dia. 0,130-1,000mm

    Available on spools

5. Copper (Cu)

  • • Copperplated wire

    Copper-plated iron-wire. As barrier and base for further electroplating. Special alloys as support for wiredrawing.

    Size range: dia. 0,200-1,700 mm

  • Available on spools or as rings

  • • Copperplated strip

    Strip width: up to 300 mm

    Strip thickness: 0,300-3,500 mm


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